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How THRIVE Young Professionals Helps the Bridgeport Community Grow November 16, 2016

Downtown Bridgeport, Bridgeport
How THRIVE Young Professionals Helps the Bridgeport Community Grow, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Are you a young professional in the Bridgeport, CT, area looking to advance your career, grow a business, or simply contribute to your community? If so, tap into THRIVE Young Professionals, a business networking program organized by the Trumbull Chamber of Commerce. By unifying and empowering young workers throughout the region, THRIVE’s mission is simple: to provide greater opportunities to build the surrounding business community, while also putting young professionals in a position to further develop their own careers.

young professionalsTHRIVE achieves their goals in a number of exciting ways. For example, members are invited to business networking happy hours, where they meet like-minded people whose insights, experiences, and observations encourage open communication and allow them to find new ways to grow. The group also organizes CEO roundtables, professional development programs, and community service initiatives to foster a well-rounded group of engaged individuals. Through these efforts, THRIVE makes Bridgeport, CT, and the overall region a more attractive place for young professionals to start their careers.

However, the Trumbull Chamber of Commerce isn’t only looking to improve the lives of young professionals in the area—the more appealing Bridgeport and the nearby communities are to young workers, the more businesses will flock to establish roots there. Not only does this mean more jobs for everyone, but it also brings more money into the local economy. That’s why the name is so apt: when young people come together to bring more job opportunities to the area, everyone thrives.

If you’re interested in participating in these community-building efforts, the Trumbull Chamber of Commerce offers a wide variety of resources to help you get involved. Want to join THRIVE Young Professionals? Head to their website and fill out a membership application. To learn more about what they have to offer, give them a call at (203) 212-9537.

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