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Hassle-Free Moving: 5 Packing Tips to Reduce Stress & Save Time November 21, 2016

Maplewood, Rochester
Hassle-Free Moving: 5 Packing Tips to Reduce Stress & Save Time, Rochester, New York

Are you planning an upcoming move? Whether you’re packing up your entire life to move across the country or are just downsizing to a home within your current neighborhood, moving is often a dreaded experience. However, Becker Movers, Rochester, NY’s top moving company, says packing up for the big day doesn’t need to be overwhelming. If you prepare right and pack smart, you’ll set yourself up for a smooth move when it comes time to load the truck and head out.

To save time and reduce stress, here are five packing tips you need to know:

  • Pack Early: The biggest mistake people make when moving is waiting until the last second to pack up their home. Yes, there may be things you’ll need up until the big day, but there’s plenty in your home you can put away early. That DVD collection you never watch, extra linens, and your fine china are things you can start packing well before the move.
  • Stock Up On Supplies: For an easy packing experience, stock up on moving boxes, tape, and packaging materials before you begin to pack. This way, you’ll have everything you need and won’t have to spend time making extra trips to the store to buy more materials.
  • movingLabel Boxes: Always label your moving boxes. Not only will this help keep your items organized while you pack, but it will make for an easier unpacking process. Additionally, if you find you really need to use something you’ve already packed away, you’ll be able to locate it with ease rather than having to sort through every box you just loaded up.
  • Pack Smart: When packing boxes, don’t just throw random things into each one. Not only will this reduce chaos when you unpack, but it will make it easier to move the boxes when moving day arrives. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in bigger ones. You’ll be less likely to hurt your back when lifting and carrying them by packing this way.
  • Hire A Pro: If just thinking about packing for a move is stressing you out, consider hiring a moving company to handle the job. Most offer professional packing services so you don’t have to worry about doing a thing. Not only will this save you time, but enlisting the help of the experts will ensure your belongings are packed away safely and won’t get damaged during the move.

For more helpful packing tips, or if you’d like to hire professionals to take care of the packing for you, call Becker Movers. You can reach them at (585) 458-5480, or you can browse their website for more information on their services, including residential, commercial, and international moving help.

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