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How Does an Interdisciplinary Collaborative Work? November 23, 2016

Kensington, 13
How Does an Interdisciplinary Collaborative Work?, 13, Maryland


Marketing for private health care practices can be a challenge. Why not network with others in the health care field to benefit everyone? Metro Collaborative is a health care networking group with collectives throughout the New York City and Washington, D.C. areas. It is dedicated to connecting professionals throughout the field, enabling them to learn from each other and make ties that will improve overall patient care.  If you do no have a group in your area, support is available to enable you to help begin one.

marketing for private healthcare practicesmarketing for private healthcare practices marketing for private healthcare practices

What happens in an interdisciplinary collective? Clinicians in all walks of health care — from general medicine to psychotherapy to dentistry — gather to discuss their successful practices.  In doing so, they learn from one another about different skills, approaches, and philosophies.  Professionals can also address local industry concerns and form ties that will ensure better collaborative care for their patients.  

Because interdisciplinary collaboratives are (as the name indicates) composed of members from a variety of disciplines, clinicians are not in conflict and can benefit from shared information. They also gain insight into breakthroughs in other areas they may not have otherwise studied.  Familiarity with each other’s practices enables members to make knowledgeable referrals to patients who need a specialist in a different field. This keeps business strong while also ensuring the best possible patient experience.

In addition to being an effective way to market for private practices, collaboration empowers members to pursue learning and growth opportunities outside of regular meetings. They may coordinate events such as a health care leadership retreat, health care marketing retreats, as well as health and wellness retreats. These allow members to build their practice while appreciating the company of others in relaxing environments.

Metro Collaborative brings marketing private practices to a new level. Call (609) 876-9163 to speak with a representative and start connecting with your peers in New York, DC, Philly or where you are. More information about upcoming events can be found on their Facebook page.

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