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From Scams to Drunk Driving: 3 Tips for Staying Safe During the Holidays November 22, 2016

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From Scams to Drunk Driving: 3 Tips for Staying Safe During the Holidays, Beacon, New York

The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, and while they can be delightful, they can also be wrought with scams, financial woes, and other dastardly legal issues, like drunk driving. At Anthony DeFazio Law P.C. in the Hudson Valley, New York, the criminal defense attorney wants to help make the holidays a safe and fun time for you and your loved ones. While Attorney DeFazio cannot prevent criminal acts from occurring, with these three tips, he at least hopes to help you protect yourself and your loved ones.  

How To Avoid Holiday Legal Troubles

Be Wary Of Holiday Scams

The holiday season is prime time for scam artists. People are so caught up in the good cheer and giving mentality of the season that they unwittingly fall prey to common holiday scams. From fake charities to fraudulent gift cards, scammers find ways to make a buck off well-meaning holiday shoppers. The best way to avoid scams is to remain vigilant, inspect your purchases before checking out, and do your research.

Protect Your Smart Phone, Wallet, & Other Valuables

Unfortunately, there are a lot of pickpockets out during the holiday season. Even if you don’t have cash on you, you could become the victim of identity theft if someone steals your information. If you notice an item missing, report it as stolen as soon as possible, and then take proactive measures to protect your bank accounts and personal identity information. If you lose your smartphone, for instance, change every password that was saved to your mobile accounts.

Be Vigilant Of Other Drivers 

Drunk DrivingDuring the holiday season, more people than ever are out and about, flooding the streets both in cars and on foot. Because of the increased amount of traffic, it’s more important than ever to follow the rules of the road. When you’re out driving, be especially vigilant of speeding drivers, drunk drivers, and drivers who are texting and driving. Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of accident fatalities during the holiday season.

Attorney DeFazio wants you to have an enjoyable holiday season, which is why he encourages you to be safe. Be careful of holiday scams, protect your wallet and private information, and, of course, never participate in drunk driving. If you face a legal dilemma this holiday season, call Anthony DeFazio Law P.C. at (845) 831-3606 to speak with an attorney who is ready to go to work for you. No matter what time you call, you can always expect this dedicated lawyer to return your message within at least 24 hours. To learn more about the criminal defense attorney, visit his website today.