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Reasons Every Man Should Schedule Regular Facials November 17, 2016

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Reasons Every Man Should Schedule Regular Facials, Wood-Ridge, New Jersey

Facials aren’t just for women because the modern man isn’t shy about taking care of himself. After hitting the gym or mowing the lawn, they aren’t worried about what someone might think if they put on a clean shirt and slap on a little cologne. For this reason, more and more men are turning to regular spa treatments, like facials, to keep them looking their best.

When men in the Wood-Ridge, NJ, area need to kick back and relax, they make an appointment with Oasys Day Spa. Owned and operated by experienced spa experts, they offer personalized spa treatments, like warm stone massage, deep tissue massage, and facials, targeted just for men.

Men Have Rougher Skin & Larger Pores

FacialsMen’s skin is naturally oilier than women’s because men produce more testosterone. Because of this, men have rougher skin and larger pores. Regular deep pore facials help to remove trapped dirt, leaving your skin looking clean and natural. As an added bonus, clean, healthy skin is less prone to breaking out and much easier to shave.

Hydration Makes You Look Younger

After your skin is deep cleaned by a spa professional, it will be moisturized to add hydration back into the skin. This hydration is vital for helping the skin to recover from sun damage and to fight off the bacteria that can lead to breakouts. The deep moisture treatments offered during facials also help to make the outer layers of the skin more translucent, giving your skin a lustrous finish that makes you look younger.   

To stay looking your best, visit your esthetician once a month or whenever your skin is starting to look dull or blotchy. By taking great care of your skin, you can enjoy a new sense of confidence and show the world that you care about the details. Schedule your next facial today by calling (201) 728-4212 or by visiting Oasys Day Spa online

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