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9 Safety Supervision Tips for Prevention Accidental Falls November 25, 2016

Hackensack, Bergen County
9 Safety Supervision Tips for Prevention Accidental Falls, Hackensack, New Jersey

As people age, their physical abilities become more limited; if your older loved one suffers from mobility issues or has become less stable, you need to be proactive about preventing dangerous falls. The compassionate team at ComForCare Home Care in Hackensack, New Jersey, offers a few safety supervision tips for eliminating fall risks from the home. 

How To Avoid Falling Accidents

  1. CaregiverClear Up Clutter: Remove objects off the floor, and don’t leave items on the staircase. Push furniture, cables, and wires against the walls to prevent tripping hazards.
  2. Eliminate Stairs: To keep your senior loved one from falling down the stairs, move their living space to the first level. This way, they have easy access to everything they need, including an exit if they need to leave the house.
  3. Install Railings: Provide a handrail along staircases to offer additional support if your loved one needs to travel to other sections of the house. If the entrance to the home has steps, consider installing a ramp. 
  4. Make Kitchen Access Easy: Kitchen items should be rearranged in cupboards so everything is within easy reach—you don’t want your elderly loved one to try using a step ladder to reach something heavy from the top shelf.
  5. Maintain Pavements & Driveways: Clear snow and ice off the driveway and walkway, or hire a service to shovel and de-ice for you. Shoveling snow is taxing work and can put too much strain on someone with cardiac risk, so you should never expect an elderly person to perform this task alone.
  6. Safety SupervisionInstall Grab Bars In Bathrooms: Bathrooms should have bars alongside the toilet and in the shower to provide additional support. Include a non-slip mat or non-stick strips on the shower floor.
  7. Provide Adequate Lighting: Missteps can occur when steps and hallways aren’t lit properly, increasing the potential for falling. Light switches should be located at the top and bottom of stairs; hallways and paths to the bathroom or kitchen should have nightlights. 
  8. Fix Steps: Check steps and make sure they aren’t loose or uneven, secure handrails firmly to the wall, and add non-slip treads to each step. If stairs are carpeted, make sure the carpeting is secure.
  9. Secure Throw Rugs: Use double-sided rug tape or non-slip pads to prevent rugs from slipping on hard surfaces or folding over. If your loved one uses a wheelchair, you may want to eliminate thick throw rugs entirely.

With a little consideration, you can help prevent falls for an older loved one. If you need additional help with safety supervision and home care services, work with a reliable caregiving service, like ComForCare Home Care. If your senior loved one lives in Bergen County or North Hudson, call (201) 820-4200 to schedule an interview with a caregiver. To learn more about safety supervision for seniors, visit the ComForCare Home Care website and Facebook page today.

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