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What Is an Angel Investor & How Can They Help Your Business? November 23, 2016

Hewlett, Hempstead
What Is an Angel Investor & How Can They Help Your Business?, Hempstead, New York

Do you need some help with your business startup? Many entrepreneurs turn to an angel investor to help them succeed. It’s an attractive option for both small- and medium-sized ventures that are still in the early stages of their operation.

Entrepreneurs in Hewlett, NY, count on Business Scout to help them find an angel investor who can match their needs. They have a central registry that connects you to consultants with the right skills and networks to maximize your chances of success.

What Is An Angel Investor?

angel investorAn angel investor is someone who is willing to invest money into an entrepreneurial company. The average investment is around $25,000 to $100,000 but can go higher. In exchange, the investor asks for an ownership share in the business, which comes in the form of stocks or convertible debt.

How Does An Angel Investor Work?

An angel investor prefers to get involved in companies in their early stages or startup phase. They are the opposite of venture capitalists who only invest in established businesses. It can be risky, but they also consider benefits beyond profit, such as an opportunity to give back or shape the future.

How Can You Attract An Angel Investor?

Before approaching an angel investor, you should have a clearly thought out business plan that demonstrates future growth, potential revenues, an exciting product, and confirmed prospective customers. To get an angel investor’s attention, an entrepreneur should offer quality, show passion and commitment, and display integrity.

Start working your way to creating a successful business, and trust the experts at Business Scout to find you an angel investor. Call their office at (718) 510-3613 or visit their website to learn more about them.

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