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3 Types of Dental Implant Procedures, Explained November 23, 2016

Valdosta, Lowndes
3 Types of Dental Implant Procedures, Explained, Valdosta, Georgia

Missing teeth can have a real impact on oral health, not to mention the toll they take on your confidence and self-esteem. With dental implants, however, many patients experience a renewed sense of pride in their appearance, in addition to vastly improved functionality of their teeth. In Valdosta, GA, Kilby Family Dentistry offers three types of dental implant procedures, each of which affords distinct benefits to patients based on their unique circumstances.

Mini Dental Implants

Some patients lack the bone structure to accommodate an expansive diameter implant. Mini dental implants are ideal in this respect, as this option shores up the bond between the dentures and the mouth. Your existing dentures can be converted to fit the new implants, which will create a much stronger bond than you previously had. This procedure can be performed during a relatively short office visit.

Full-Mouth Implants

dental implantsPeople often have difficulty adjusting to dentures. Full-mouth dental implants serve as a great alternative. The All-On-4 procedure offers a sturdy replacement option thanks to a screw-retained bridge, which the implants are affixed to. That way, you can eat just about any food with ease.

Single Implants

With single dental implants, your dentist will replace just one tooth using state-of-the-art technology. Patients won’t have to worry about cavities any longer, thanks to the titanium root replacement, which ensures optimum oral health for an extended period of time. For more than 20 years, this process has shown to be highly effective, and as a result, it’s now a common procedure.

Whether you’re in search of cosmetic dental procedures or you require extensive oral surgery, you can trust in the care afforded by the kind, knowledgeable staff at Kilby Family Dentistry. Check out the website to learn more, or make your appointment today by calling (229) 247-0200.

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