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Common Core Math – What Should Parents Expect? November 10, 2016

Cambrian Park, Santa Clara County
Common Core Math – What Should Parents Expect?, Cambrian Park, California

Common Core Math – What Should Parents Expect?

Of all the changes made in the adoption of the Common Core educational standards, few have elicited as much controversy as the updated methods for teaching math. Many parents worry they won't be able to help their kids succeed because their students' homework assignments are so different from those they themselves were given in school.

At Study Wizards Tutoring in San Jose, CA, our math tutors understand these concerns but know Common Core is an evidence-based approach that will equip students to succeed in an international marketplace. This is likely to lead to changes from prior math education methods, including fewer worksheets, more word problems, and fewer topics.

Common Core is based on the understanding of a process rather than rote memorization, so your kids probably will come home with fewer worksheets. Instead, their teachers are likely to have them work on a smaller number of more complex problems to help them build understanding and develop study skills.

Our math tutors know the best way to instill a lesson is to show how it relates to the real world. The evidence of Common Core suggests word problems, while more difficult and confusing to solve, give kids a more thorough grasp of the material and cultivate a sense of mastery.

As another way to help students gain an in-depth understanding of their studies, Common Core encourages teachers to focus more on a single topic. Students may cover fewer topics per year but will develop greater knowledge and retention.

Whether your kids are struggling with Common Core math or working ahead, our math tutors have the expertise to help. At Study Wizards Tutoring, we're well-versed in the details of Common Core and will get your children ready. Visit our website to learn more about our tutoring services, and call (408) 713-2984 for a free consultation to discuss your kids' needs.


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