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5 Common Eye Disorders Everyone Should Be Aware Of November 21, 2016

Mount Airy, Cincinnati
5 Common Eye Disorders Everyone Should Be Aware Of, Cincinnati, Ohio

Besides just not being able to see clearly, do you know what other eye problems you should be on the lookout for? Our eye doctors at Thoma & Sutton Eye Care say there are signs and symptoms associated with common eye disorders that go unnoticed by many, which can be dangerous to your long-term eye health. To help you stay on top of your optical wellness, our team of optometry professionals wants to familiarize you with five of the most common eye disorders and their symptoms.

The Top 5 Most Common Eye Disorders

1. Astigmatism

Astigmatism is an eye disorder that occurs when the cornea of the eye is abnormally shaped, creating an irregular curve in the lens. If you have an astigmatism, you may experience blurry, fuzzy, or otherwise distorted vision. Additionally, this eye disorder affects how light passes to your retina, which can make it more difficult to see at night.

2. Presbyopia

Have you noticed it’s become more difficult to read the newspaper, look at a menu, or even type on the computer? If your eyes are no longer able to focus clearly on close-up objects, you might have presbyopia. People with this eye disorder often need reading glasses or prescription lenses to see more clearly.

3. Cataracts

eye disordersCataracts is a common eye condition that mostly affects people of old age; however, it’s seen in younger patients, too. Cataracts is caused when the proteins in your eyes’ lenses becomes clumped together. This can make the eyes appear cloudy and severely impact your eyesight. If you notice cloudy spots in your vision, have a difficult time seeing in the dark, or think your eyes look foggy, visit an eye doctor for an evaluation.

4. Myopia

Myopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness, is when a person has a hard time seeing far-away objects. Myopia is one of the most commonly diagnosed eye disorders and affects people of all ages, even young children. If you have blurry vision when looking at distant street signs but can see perfectly when reading a book, you may need contact lenses or glasses to correct your nearsightedness.

5. Hyperopia

The opposite of myopia is hyperopia, or farsightedness, a condition that makes it difficult to see up close. While it’s less common than nearsightedness, hyperopia is still one of the most commonly diagnosed eye disorders. If you have blurry vision when looking at close-up objects, you may need corrective lenses.

There are many other eye disorders, from dry eyes to corneal abrasions, glaucoma, and allergic conjunctivitis, so if you’re experiencing anything unusual with your vision, see an eye doctor right away. To learn more about these and other eye conditions, call our optometrists at Thoma & Sutton Eye Care today at (513) 721-6790. For other helpful resources or to locate an office near you, visit our website.

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