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3 Ways to Keep Your Garage Doors Looking Like New November 28, 2016

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3 Ways to Keep Your Garage Doors Looking Like New, Scott, Missouri

As a homeowner, you spend quite a bit of time on your property to keep it looking good. There’s the perfectly manicured lawn, the fresh coat of paint on your house, and a beautiful garden. Everything looks great, until you step back, take another look, and notice the peeling paint and dirt caked on your garage door. It’s not something you may have considered, but according to the experts at Kelly’s Garage Door Sales & Service in Branson, MO, all garage doors need a little maintenance from time to time.

Many newer garage doors have a protective coating to ward off damage from the elements, but that doesn’t last forever. The amount of time you’ll spend maintaining your garage door depends on its design. For example, wooden doors may need a bit more attention than their steel counterparts.  

Here are three ways to keep your garage doors looking good:

  • Cleaning: Buy a standard cleaner and scrub the outside of the door every two months, using a dry cloth to wipe down the hinges, handles, and tracks. Once or twice a year, make a mild cleaning solution of 10% bleach and water and wipe down both sides of the garage door. Rinse the solution off and dry the door thoroughly.
  • garage doorExamining: As you clean, check the doors for cracks and other structural damage. Replace any hardware—like metal hinges or handles—as necessary. If you’re not sure, hire a garage door repair expert and get an inspection.
  • Coating: Adding a protective coating can make a big difference when it comes to garage door maintenance. After washing the doors, paint or stain them using a weatherproofing material.

If you need help with maintenance, want to schedule an inspection, or are considering a new garage door installation, contact the professionals at Kelly’s Garage Door Sales & Service. Call (417) 336-4381 to make an appointment for a free estimate, or visit their website for a full list of services.