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Auto Parts Pros Explain the Signs of a Failing Alternator November 23, 2016

Brockton, Plymouth
Auto Parts Pros Explain the Signs of a Failing Alternator, Brockton, Massachusetts

Providing power to the battery, the alternator is a very important part of your vehicle. However, like nearly all other auto parts, it can fail if not properly maintained. Sometimes this happens without warning, but there are often early warning signs you might notice that will tell you your alternator is failing. Should you spot any, get replacement parts as soon as possible. 

To know whether or not your alternator is failing, pay attention to the strength of your lights, especially while driving at night. If they seem to be pulsating, going from dim to bright, this means the alternator is not supplying adequate power to the battery. If you notice this problem, get in touch with a trusted vehicle parts expert and let them take a closer look.

auto partsYou should also pay attention to any smells you notice coming from this important auto part. If there seems to be a burning odor coming from the alternator or battery, it’s likely the alternator is on its way out, and you’ll need to purchase replacement parts. Be aware that an alternator can simply fail because it’s charging too many electronic components or devices at the same time. When its power is being spread too thin in this manner, you may notice the radio or power windows working inconsistently.

As soon as you spot signs of a problem, contact a professional. Addressing these types of issues early is key to prolonging the lifespan of your vehicle and saving you money on repairs.

If you need a new alternator, head to Woodward’s Auto Parts, in Brockton, MA. They’ll have just what you need to get back out on the road. Take a look at their catalog online, or call (508) 586-8032 for more info.