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Smart Garage Doors & Other Smart Home Features for Consideration November 21, 2016

Rochester, Monroe
Smart Garage Doors & Other Smart Home Features for Consideration, Rochester, New York

If you want to make your home “smarter” as the New Year draws closer, consider some of the recent technology upgrades that newer homes include; they feature an integrated wireless system that controls numerous residential components. A smart garage door is one of many high-tech updates that make it easier to control and enjoy your home.

Felluca Overhead Door, a Rochester, NY-based company, remains a community staple that puts over 100 years of experience to work for area residents and businesses. Consider any or all of the following as part of a home renovation and remodeling efforts:

  • Smart Deadbolts: Lock and unlock your front door with a smart digital key or a device app when you install a smart deadbolt. A simple press of an app button locks the house when you leave, while also turning out the lights.
  • Smart Garage Door: Relax knowing your garage door is locked and the contents of your home are safe by using your smartphone or tablet app, smart keychain, or smart key panel. Use it to open the garage door as you drive up to your home as well.
  • Garage DoorSmart Thermostats: Utilize a smart thermostat that controls window shades and blinds. The device learns your habits and automatically lowers blinds or turns the heat down when you are not at home.
  • Smart Kitchen: Enjoy discreet charging stations in kitchen drawers so you can power your devices while you cook or eat. Never worry about spilling on your device in the kitchen again.
  • Smart Nursery: Regulate the air and amount of light in your child’s nursery with a smart humidifier and nightlight. You can also remain aware of what’s happening with your baby through a crib monitor.

Discuss these and other smart home features with your family to determine what’s most convenient for your Rochester residence. Rely on the friendly team at Felluca Overhead Door for garage door automation and repair to maintain a safe, comfortable home. For more on garage door repair and other services available, please call (585) 467-2391 or like the Rochester company on Facebook.

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