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How to Make Your Lawn Beautiful After Tree Removal November 21, 2016

How to Make Your Lawn Beautiful After Tree Removal, ,

If you live in the Bronx and need a tree removal service, look no further than the local, family-owned Owens Brothers Tree Service. Since 1959, this tree removal service has been providing city residents with the most trusted and affordable tree care. But after the professionals come in and remove the tree, what do you do next? Owens Brothers Tree Service offers a few suggestions.

Before you dive right into replacing the tree you just removed or planting grass over the area, the tree professionals suggest following these steps:

  • Remove The Stump: If you plan on planting something in the place of the tree you removed, you will also need to have the stump removed or chipped down. You may need to call another company to help you with this, as not all tree removal companies can remove the stumps. If you work with Owens Brothers Tree Service, tree stump removal is an option.
  • tree removalAdd Topsoil: After you’ve had the stump or chips removed, you’ll need to add some topsoil over the area to fill it in. This will help the area to match the rest of the lawn and also increase the new grass’s moisture-holding capabilities. Once you’ve filled the area in completely, rake the surface to smooth it out.
  • Add Grass Seed: Once you’ve smoothed down the surface, you’ll be able to plant some grass seed and any other plants. If planting grass, try to match it as best as you can to the rest of your yard to help it look natural. You can also put down some moisture-retaining erosion control to help establish the new growth.

If you have a tree you’re ready to remove and replace with something fresh and new, give the fully licensed and insured professionals at Owens Brothers Tree Service a call at (718) 885-0914. You can also visit them online for more information regarding their 24/7 emergency services and free estimates.

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