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How to Decide if You Should Repair or Replace Masonry November 22, 2016

Honolulu, Oahu
How to Decide if You Should Repair or Replace Masonry, Honolulu, Hawaii

It can all start with that one part of the sidewalk you tread over carefully, or the cracks you get used to as you pull into your driveway. Over time, masonry can start to show signs of wear that suggests larger problems. Rugged Slopes Hawaii has been strengthening the foundations, driveways, walkways, and anything else made of concrete, tile, or stone in the Honolulu, HI, area for years. As contractors, fully licensed and bonded, they bring their stellar attention to detail and craftsmanship to the homes and businesses of their clients.

If you’ve noticed signs of crumbling around your masonry, here are some tips to help you determine if you’re looking at a simple repair or a full replacement:

  • masonryCracks & Holes: This is usually one of the first signs you’ll notice in any masonry that needs attention. Often, cracks can be easily repaired with a fill or seal. However, this will depend on what is cracked and whether the current material is still in good shape.

  • Water Damage: Water is the most destructive element to concrete. If there are areas where water has gotten into the masonry, it can cause cracks and holes. The water needs to be addressed first to ensure it no longer poses a problem, and then a determination can be made to whether the crack can be repaired.

  • Home Design Shifts: If you’ve noticed things like cabinets, windows, or doors no longer line up the way they used to, this could suggest a deteriorating concrete foundation depending on the excess of the ground shift. It’s normal for the ground to shift and settle over time, but the result can cause damage to the masonry originally installed. At that point, work may need to be redone to strengthen what was lost in this settling effect.

  • Crumbling: Since masonry materials like concrete, tile, and stone are exposed to the elements, the use of poor quality materials and shoddy workmanship can increase the likelihood your masonry could need replacement. Depending on the amount of deterioration, a professional contractor can determine if it’s worth it to repair the original or start over.

Quality masonry achieves not only a stylish appearance, but it’s also a functional part of your home or business. Because of this, it should always be safe and strong. For all your masonry needs, call Rugged Slopes Hawaii at (808) 722-4918 to set up your free consultation. You can also visit their website to see the services they offer for concrete, tile, and stone work, and connect with them on Google +.

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