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3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Bunion Surgery November 21, 2016

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3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Bunion Surgery, Blue Ash, Ohio

Bunions are painful and unattractive, but they can usually be treated by non-surgical means. Foot & Ankle Specialists, the premier podiatric service provider in Blue Ash, OH, recommends you wear roomier shoes, take non-prescription medicines to alleviate discomfort, and apply ice to the joint to reduce swelling. However, if foot pain persists, they recommend you consider three things before choosing surgery. If you do elect to pursue surgery, their foot specialists have the expertise to provide safe, comprehensive bunion relief.

What To Consider Before Choosing Bunion Surgery

BunionsDon't Choose Bunion Surgery For Cosmetic Reasons

A bunion is a foot deformity, and many patients find it unattractive or embarrassing. However, this is not an adequate reason to choose surgery. There are too many risks of complications, so you should elect surgery only if your foot pain cannot be relieved by non-surgical means.

Maintain Realistic Expectations About Bunion Surgery

Maintain realistic expectations about your results. Even after surgery, your feet may not appear normal, and you may not be able to wear the types of shoes you want. In fact, at least one study found that, after surgery, one in three patients was unable to wear the footwear they had hoped surgery would permit.

Post-Surgery Changes Are Minimal

You won't see dramatic changes in the shape or width of your foot. In fact, the average decrease in foot width is only about 1/8 inch, or about the width of a wooden matchstick. If you have been wearing wide-toe shoes for comfort, you will probably have to continue doing so. A return to narrower shoes could cause the bunion to flare up again and require continued visits to a foot specialist.

The purpose of bunion surgery is relief of foot pain. If that is your goal, Foot & Ankle Specialists, the leading provider of podiatric services in Blue Ash, OH, can offer foot care assistance. Visit their website to contact them about a checkup or to inquire about bunion surgery, or call (513) 769-4408 to speak to a foot specialist about your podiatric needs.

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