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New York’s Top Immigration Attorney Explains How the U.S. Immigration System Works November 17, 2016

Corona, Queens
New York’s Top Immigration Attorney Explains How the U.S. Immigration System Works, Queens, New York

The immigration system in the United States is very complex, so it’s hardly surprising that many individuals rely on the assistance of an immigration attorney like Neal Richardson Datta in New York, NY, to ensure they get themselves and their loved ones into the country. But how does the immigration system work? There are a few differing pathways to entering the country.

The following are among the most common forms of immigration to the United States:

  • Family Immigration: The U.S. government prioritizes unifying families, allowing immediate relatives of naturalized citizens and lawful permanent residents (including spouses, parents, and unmarried minor children) access to an unlimited number of visas. However, adult children, siblings, and other family members have limited access to visas through the family preference system. Family members need to prove that they have a legitimate relationship with the person trying to enter the country and that they will be able to financially support the immigrant.
  • Immigration LawyerEmployment Immigration: Employment-related immigration can often be even more complex, and many individuals (especially entertainers) rely on an immigration attorney to help them in this process. Individuals are allowed to obtain both temporary visas and permanent immigration visas, depending on their employment needs. There are several different types of employment-based visas, including specialized visas for religious workers, diplomats, entertainers, and others. Permanent immigrants are generally able to bring spouses and unmarried children into the country as well.
  • Refugees: The United States places a limit on the number of refugees who are allowed to enter the country in a given year. Refugees generally submit their immigration application from a transition country, as they have been forced from their home country due to war or other issues. The government often decides who to admit based on factors such as the presence of other family members in the United States and the level of risk the refugee faces in their current situation.

While navigating the U.S. immigration system can be confusing, gaining the help of a qualified attorney can significantly ease the process! To learn more about how Neal Richardson Datta can help you navigate immigration law, visit them online or call (212) 358-9690.