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Boundary Line Fence's Top 3 Winter Maintenance Tips November 17, 2016

Somers, Flathead
Boundary Line Fence's Top 3 Winter Maintenance Tips, Somers, Montana

Whether it’s for security or ornamentation, a fence is only effective if it’s in good condition. As the days get darker and temperatures drop, there’s only a few more weeks before winter hits and brings heavy snow and harsh winds. To guard against these problems, Boundary Line Fence in Kalispell, MT, has compiled their top three fence maintenance tips for the season. For more than 10 years, they’ve constructed fences in and around the Greater Flathead Valley area for both residential and commercial customers. If you need a classic wooden fence for your home or a sturdy rail fence for your ranch, they’re the ones to trust.

As fencing contractors, they know a long-lasting fence requires more than just expert installation—it also requires maintenance, especially during winter. Whether you have a metal, vinyl, or wooden fence, Boundary Line Fence recommends doing the following to keep it in top condition.


When snow accumulates and melts on the surface of a wooden fence, the excess moisture can lead to mold, mildew, and rot. Depending on where this damage occurs, there’s a chance the entire structure can give way if untreated. Waterproofing sealant is widely available and can easily be reapplied when necessary. If you have a wooden fence made purely of a natural wood like cedar, make sure to use an oil-based sealant for maximum effect.

Routine Cleaning

fenceSnow isn't the only cause for damage. If too much dirt or debris builds up in between the boards or railings of your fence, it moisture can still accumulate. Keep these areas clean and don't forget about your cement footings, if you have them. Just like wood, cement can also crack from too much moisture.


During winter, a quick examination goes a long way—especially after days of extreme weather. Five minutes is probably all the time you need. Keep a look out for holes or weak spots that may have been caused by pests or elemental damage, since it’s always better to spot and repair these issues sooner than later.

If you’re in the Kalispell area and you discover your fence needs more than just maintenance, Boundary Line Fence can help. To learn more about everything they have to offer, visit them online or call them today at (406) 309-5010.

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