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A Piano Repair Specialist’s Tips for Taking Care of New Pianos November 17, 2016

Dothan, Houston
A Piano Repair Specialist’s Tips for Taking Care of New Pianos, Dothan, Alabama

Pianos are majestic musical instruments that bring harmony and character to any home. Relative to other instruments, however, they are quite large, and they require a significant amount of care in order to play beautiful sound. A piano can be worn down by dust, frequent use, or neglect.

The piano repair specialists at Whitman Music & Computers in Dothan, AL, share some tips on what new piano owners can do to make their instruments last longer:

  • piano repairMove With Care: A piano is a large instrument with thousands of intricate and delicate parts that make it easily susceptible to damage while it is being moved. An upright piano can be transported on a dolly. Grand pianos, on the other hand, require the detachment of some parts and laying the piano on its flat side. When transporting, a piano should be covered with a soft cloth to prevent scratches. It is best if you do this task with the help of others or a professional piano mover.

  • Protect It Against Humidity: Piano repair is often needed due to damage from humidity. A piano’s soundboard has a wooden crown that gets affected by the moisture level in the environment, which can cause it to crack or throw off the piano’s tuning. Use a humidifier to keep indoor humidity constant, or use an in-piano humidity system.

  • Regular Voicing: A piano needs a periodic adjustment of its tone and sound quality, which is called voicing. Piano repair specialists recommend that you schedule a voicing at least two to four times a year to keep the instrument sounding good.

If you’re searching for experts to service your piano, Whitman Music & Computers should be your top choice. As the leading music store in Alabama, they are known for selling and servicing different kinds of musical instruments. View their selection online or give them a call at (334) 794-6777 for more information.

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