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Now Richmond Residents Can Get Fitted for Compression Stockings November 21, 2016

Richmond, Madison
Now Richmond Residents Can Get Fitted for Compression Stockings, Richmond, Kentucky

Compression stockings and hosiery are invaluable in preventing and treating venous difficulties in the legs, such as varicose veins and edema. Whether you’ve been prescribed compression stockings or socks by a physician, or simply crave relief during long periods of sitting or standing, finding a dependable supplier for this accessory can be of significant help.

Fortunately, for residents of Richmond, Kentucky, EZ Care Medical is a leading supplier of medical accessories and supplies for customers as far as Indianapolis and Nashville. For local residents, they have partnered with the skilled team at Madison Drug in Richmond to offer a variety of functional, stylish compression stockings.

How Do Compression Stockings Work?

compression stockingsCompression stockings place pressure around the legs to help reduce pressure in veins carrying blood upward toward the heart. By reducing stress on the venous walls, compression stockings improve blood flow and valve function and prevent impairments and distensions of the venous walls (such as varicose or spider veins). Compression stockings can also serve as a treatment for edema, swelling, and heavy or aching legs.

How Can I Get Fitted For Compression Stockings?

Proper fit is crucial for the functionality of compression stockings, as it will dictate the amount of pressure they provide. To serve residents of Richmond, Kentucky, EZ Care Medical has trained the staff at Madison Drug, located at 110 Big Hill Avenue, to offer comprehensive fitting services in their pharmacy from Monday through Friday.

Since compression stockings work to combat symptoms that arise over the course of a day of standing or sitting, schedule an appointment early in the morning for the ideal fit.

To shop for compression stockings and other medical accessories online, visit the EZ Care Medical website. Call (859) 624-1565 to schedule a fitting or to learn more about treating the effects of poor circulation.

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