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3 Signs You Need a Transmission Repair November 11, 2016

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3 Signs You Need a Transmission Repair, East Haven, Connecticut

As the part of your car that controls your gears, the transmission is essential. That’s why it’s important to tell when you need transmission repair. The experts at Affordable Transmissions in New Haven, CT, have three key things to watch out for when your car might need transmission service.

3 Sign Your Transmission Needs Repair

Slips In And Out Of Different Gears

You may notice that your car seems to abruptly change gears, often in ways that make no sense for the way you’re driving. If you’re suddenly in a lower or higher gear than you should be, your transmission may be in need of service.

Leaks Transmission Fluid

Transmission RepairIf you notice leaks on your garage floor, put a piece of cardboard underneath your car and see if there is currently fluid leaking from your vehicle. Transmission fluid is often bright red, but can also look brown. If you suspect the fluid leaking from your car is transmission fluid, it’s probably time to give your mechanic a call. You can also use a dipstick to check your transmission fluid levels if you know where to find the tank; the location will be in your owner’s manual.

Doesn’t Respond Quickly

Your transmission should quickly shift into gear and get you moving when you push your gas pedal. If there’s any delay in this motion or you hear whining, this could be a sign that your transmission needs to be looked at. You should never have a delay when engaging your transmission.

Do you need help with your transmission or just a general car tuneup? Give Affordable Transmissions in New Haven, CT,  a call at (203) 466-6580, or visit their website for more information.

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