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What Is an Inboard Motor? November 22, 2016

Aki Ahupua`a, Lahaina
What Is an Inboard Motor?, Lahaina, Hawaii

An inboard motor is an engine used to power a boat. Unlike outboard motors, an inboard motor’s engine is enclosed within the hull rather than sitting atop it. Inboard motors vary in size and strength to meet the needs of different vessels. These motors can have anywhere from one-cylinder to V12 engines and can use diesel, gas, electric, and other sources as fuel. Large boats almost exclusively use inboard motors, but this type of marine engine is also used on smaller pleasure boats, such as sailboats and speed boats. Many newer boat models are equipped with inboard engines, and best of all, it is possible to install an inboard motor on a boat that has an existing outboard motor.

Why You Should Choose An Inboard Motor

marine-equipment-Lahaina-HICentral Pacific Marine Co. has been a leading boating retailer and repair shop on Maui since 1974, and their technicians recommend that all customers utilize inboard motors. Such motors offer a number of benefits over other options. First, the enclosed engine is less likely to suffer overall damage, especially water damage. Additionally, an outboard engine is more susceptible to theft than an inboard motor, which is tucked away. Finally, inboard motors have a longer lifespan than their outboard counterparts, meaning you’ll spend more time out on the water and less time in the boat repair shop.

The experienced boat mechanics at Central Marine Pacific Co. of Lahaina, HI, can help with all of your boating needs, offering repairs, engine sales, and more. Additionally, their staff can help you select and install the perfect inboard motor for your existing boat. Call (808) 661-3349 or visit the Central Marine Pacific Co. website to learn more today.

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