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3 Basic Interior Decorating Tips That Will Improve Your Space November 14, 2016

Kihei, Maui
3 Basic Interior Decorating Tips That Will Improve Your Space, Kihei, Hawaii

Some people have a natural eye for design; others can acquire the skill by learning its principles. The interior decorating experts from Beaver Interiors in Kihei, HI, will explain what you need to know to boost the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Before you begin hanging up artwork or rearranging furniture, here are a few basic interior decorating tips:

  • interior decoratingFind Your Focal Point: Every room needs an attention-grabber. Some are built in naturally, such as an expansive window with a picturesque view or a stone-framed fireplace. If your room has an inherent focal point, work everything else around it. If your room doesn’t have one, create one by drawing attention to a spot in the room. You can do this by painting one wall a different color and accessorizing it to emphasize an eye-catching piece of furniture or hanging up a large piece of artwork. Decorating around this focal point lends a sense of harmony to any room.
  • Mind Your Negative Space: Never try to fill up every corner of your space, as this will only overwhelm the room and make it feel smaller. Instead, strive to highlight negative space. In the same way that hanging nothing above eye level emphasizes the height of your ceilings, de-cluttering areas will make the existing pieces stand out. For example, instead of filling up your shelves with knickknacks, arrange just a few of your favorites.
  • Create A Mood: Whether you consciously realize it, every room creates a specific mood that affects its inhabitants. When interior decorating, decide on the mood you’d like to convey and stick to it. One simple way to do that is to select an “inspiration piece” — a piece of furniture or painting you love, for example. Then, plan the mood, colors, and style of the room around this piece.

To take your home design to the next level, enlist the savvy professionals from Beaver Interiors. For more information about how they will transform your space, call today at (808) 879-5089 or check out their website.

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