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Three Tips for Pre-Holiday Clean Ups From NYC Maid Service November 19, 2013

Commonwealth Center, Oak Grove
Three Tips for Pre-Holiday Clean Ups From NYC Maid Service, Oak Grove, Virginia

Can you believe that the holidays are already around the corner? Regardless of which holidays you celebrate, any holiday party requires a great deal of preparation. For many people – especially those who want to avoid a nagging critique from their parents about the mess around the home – this can include a big pre-holiday clean up session before the party even begins. One of the top NYC maid service companies, Maid to Please, recommends these tips for a quick pre-holiday clean up.

  • Dust It Off: Nothing clues a person onto a messy home quick like a coating of dust on surfaces and blinds. Dusting off all of the rooms in the home is a simple yet effective way to present a more polished living space. Make sure to clean the dining room table thoroughly before you set the table!
  • Kitchen Space: Aside from the dining room, which area are guests most likely to be enjoying the festivities in? The kitchen, of course, helping themselves to seconds and perhaps thirds of your delicious cooking! Make sure the stove top, counter tops, and kitchen floor are neat and tidy. The sink will fill up with plates and cutlery, inevitably, so be sure to have a clean sink before the party begins.
  • Free the Fridge: Your guests are going to come by with some great treats and desserts for the party and if your fridge is full of junk, how are you going to store it? Not only is that scenario embarrassing, but a stuffed kitchen refrigerator can also be unhygienic if there is old stinking food within it. Take some time to clear your fridge of debris so that you can not only impressing guests with your spotless kitchen, but store their gifts as well.

These tips can make the pre-holiday clean up easier, but if the burden of cleaning is all too much, Maid to Please is always willing to lend a helping hand. As one of the top cleaning services in NYC, making a home spotless before a big holiday party is as easy as a simple phone call. Just call Maid to Please at (855) 800-MAID to schedule with a professional maid!