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Lighting Fixtures 101: Certified Electricians Explain 6 Popular Styles November 15, 2016

Rochester, Rochester, NY
Lighting Fixtures 101: Certified Electricians Explain 6 Popular Styles, Rochester, New York

Whether you’re building a new home or redesigning a room, the right lighting helps to illuminate your family’s daily tasks and create a relaxing, appealing atmosphere. Greater Rochester homeowners count on Doctor Electric for all of their house wiring and repair needs. These certified electricians specialize in new installations, upgrades, and electrical repairs for interior and exterior lighting products.

As you design your home’s new lighting configuration, you’ll find a seemingly infinite number of options. Floor and table lamps are popular because they are easy to install—simply choose a location and plug them in. However, most rooms require additional light fixtures that need to be installed by a certified electrician.

6 Popular Lighting Fixture Styles

Architectural Lighting

These fixtures are built into the structure of the room, typically high on the wall. They are designed to provide ambient light that minimizes shadows.

Recessed Lighting

These ceiling fixtures are also known as can lights. A certified electrician will install each fixture in the ceiling to provide beams of light where they are needed, whether you want to illuminate a workspace or highlight a decorative item.

Track Lighting

Like recessed lighting, track lighting is also installed on the ceiling. The most notable difference between these two fixtures is that track lighting is attached to a customized metal railing. The lights can be repositioned as needed.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

certified electricianThese fixtures are becoming very popular in kitchens, especially over sinks and prep areas. A certified electrician can install strip lighting or individual puck lights along the underside of your upper cabinets to create a practical lighting solution with luxury appeal.

Pendant Lighting

If you love the look of hanging fixtures but don’t want an elaborate chandelier, pendant lighting is the perfect solution. These fixtures can be hung alone, or in small groupings to provide both ambient and functional lighting.

Wall-Mounted Lighting

Small wall sconces provide soft light that can be used to brighten hallways and doorways. They can also be used in bedrooms in lieu of bedside lamps for a modern twist on reading lights.

Once you’ve decided which lighting fixtures are ideal for your living space, call a certified electrician to handle the installation. Visit Doctor Electric online to learn about their full range of residential electrical services, or call (585) 428-9198 to schedule a prompt house call near Rochester or Churchville, NY.

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