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3 Services Provided by High Point’s Top Rigging Company November 11, 2016

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3 Services Provided by High Point’s Top Rigging Company, High Point, North Carolina

When working on projects with heavy infrastructure and building materials, there is no better ally to have than a reliable rigging company. Based in High Point, NC, A&M Crane and Rigging is known as the region’s rigging specialist. Whether you need crane service or building relocation, the professionals have the equipment and the expertise to help you complete your project safely and quickly.

Rigging companies provide a wealth of useful services. Here are three ways A&M Crane and Rigging can help your project:

  • Crane Service: When working on projects at taller heights, a crane is an invaluable resource. A&M Crane and Rigging’s crane reaches up to 160 feet in the air, and it’s perfect for placing materials on top of rooftops or moving them quickly to another part of the work site. 
  • rigging companyEquipment Transportation: Having machinery to help you execute a project is crucial, but it’s also necessary to maneuver that machinery into the right position. The trucking fleet from A&M Crane and Rigging can handle tremendous loads while keeping the equipment in perfect condition. 
  • Equipment Storage: Many construction projects go on for weeks and months, necessitating the protection of machine assets overnight. A&M Crane and Rigging provides spacious trailers to house your equipment so that it can be protected from inclement weather and opportunistic thieves. 

When you have a top rigging company like A&M Crane and Rigging on your side, construction projects become much easier. To speak to a staff representative about your needs, just call (336) 889-6000. For more information about the company, check out their website

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