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7 Things That Cannot Be Stored in a Storage Unit November 3, 2016

Stevens Creek, Lancaster
7 Things That Cannot Be Stored in a Storage Unit   , Stevens Creek, Nebraska

With convenient access, controlled temperatures, and advanced security, there are so many reasons to choose East “O” Street Self Storage as your personal storage solution. However, to gain access to these benefits, it’s important to know what can and cannot be placed in a self-storage unit.

When you rent space from this top facility in Lincoln, NE, moving in and keeping your belongings secure is a breeze. To make sure you and your neighbors get the most out of indoor storage, remember to keep these restricted items away:

  • Perishables: Food that can go bad, including pet food, is something many storage customers forget. It’s important to leave these products out of your unit, as they can attract insects and rodents, as well as promote bacteria or mold growth. Instead of storing these items, consider donating the food, giving it to loved ones, or hosting a dinner party.
  • storage unitHazardous Materials: No hazardous material can be kept in self-storage, even if it’s in a secure container. Materials such as oil, gas, cleaning chemicals, paint, fertilizer, and aerosol products can pose severe fire and health risks. What’s worse, you will be held accountable if they are found opened or spilled.
  • Animals & People: No living creature should ever be left in a storage unit, as it is extremely unsafe, illegal, and possibly fatal. While that may seem like an obvious warning, it is also important not to store dead animals—such as hunting game—for the same reason that perishables are not allowed. Additionally, it is against the law to keep deceased individuals—including cremated remains—in a storage unit.  
  • Explosives, Ammunition, & Firearms: Explosives, including fireworks, should never be kept in a storage unit, due to the risk they may ignite and damage your property or the surrounding units. You may also be held liable for any damage or injury these products cause. For the same safety reasons, ammunition and firearms cannot be kept in self-storage. Even firearms that are unloaded or locked cannot be stored—these are best kept at a local gun shop that offers secure, legal firearm storage.  
  • Unregistered, Uninsured Vehicles: Any vehicle you store in a storage facility must be registered and insured by you, as well as be kept in good condition. The prime reason for this regulation is that storage facilities cannot offer insurance for these vehicles.
  • Stolen Property:  Even if they are commonly stored items, you can never store anything that has been reported as stolen. Doing so can lead to serious trouble with the law.
  • Drugs: All drugs are prohibited from being held in storage, as they are illegal. While you may obtain prescription drugs legally, they are also prohibited from self-storage. 

If you have any questions about what you can and cannot store, call the friendly team at East “O” Street Self Storage at (402) 489-0134. They’ll ensure you feel welcomed and accommodated—as long as you understand the ground rules. To learn more about their versatile storage solutions, visit the website.

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