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Collectors: Where Can You Get Rare Vintage Video Games? November 19, 2013

East Village, Manhattan
Collectors: Where Can You Get Rare Vintage Video Games?, Manhattan, New York

Like antiques, coins or stamps, video games can sometimes be surprisingly valuable. But its not just the age of the game, system or accessory that determines its value. Atari 2600 games are very old but most of them have very little value. This is because zillions of most of them are still in circulation (high supply) and not many people want them (low demand). But a game like Earthbound for the Super Nintendo or Panzer Dragoon Saga for the Sega Saturn are very valuable because they are great games, everybody wants them and not many people want to sell their copies.

For you nerds:

High Demand + Short Supply + Excellent Condition = High Price.

8 Bit And Up Video Games (Saint Marks Place and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan's East Village) specializes in vintage video games and has acquired some real treasure over the years. Factory sealed copies of Mega Man 6 for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Zombies Ate My Neighbors for SNES are quite valuable. But the game in the picture, Family Fitness Stadium Events, is the real prize. Its actually not a very good game. Nintendo purchased the rights to the game shortly after release. Inventory was recalled and destroyed but about 100 copies made it out into the world. But only about 22 of them are known to exist, and 8 Bit And Up has a copy in its original box.

So what is it worth?

Over $14,000 !!