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3 Krav Maga Techniques That Could Save Your Life November 10, 2016

Scarsdale, Westchester
3 Krav Maga Techniques That Could Save Your Life, Scarsdale, New York

While talk of martial arts may inspire images of knock-down, drag-out punches and kicks, the techniques employed are usually more focused on defense than offense. This is especially true with Krav Maga. The main tenant of this Israeli martial art is threat neutralization, meaning that the moves learned can save your life. The experts of 914 Krav Maga in Scarsdale, NY, have extensive experience in such techniques, and are prepared to help any individual gain discipline and self-confidence through self-defense training.

No one wants to entertain the possibility of a life-threatening situation. However, if an unfortunate event does occur, it’s important to know how to react. No technique should ever be attempted without proper training from experts. If you have been trained, these three basic Krav Maga moves can save your life in dangerous situations:

  • krav magaDeflecting A Groin Or Midsection Kick: When an attacker attempts to kick or knee your groin or midsection, deflect their advance with the hand opposite to their leg (it’s important to always mirror an attacker). Then, sidestep away from the kick and strike the face with a closed fist.
  • Escaping A Knife At Your Throat: Grab your attacker’s arm with both hands and drop your weight forward while keeping your chin tightly tucked. As the knife is moved away from your throat, strike the attacker in the groin, tuck your chin into their armpit, and pivot while stepping on their foot.
  • Retaliating To A One-Handed Choke: Tuck your chin downward, putting pressure on the attacker’s hand to weaken the grip. Then, use your non-dominant hand to remove the attacker’s hand near the thumb while using your other hand to strike upward at the jaw, throat, or nose.

Unnecessary use of violence is never condoned, but certain situations may call for defensive action. By using the three techniques above—with proper training—you stand a better chance of reacting appropriately to life-threatening situations. For more information on Krav Maga, kickboxing, women's self-defense, children’s ju-jitsu, and more, call 914 Krav Maga at (914) 437-5353 or visit the website today.

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