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What to Expect During Your Hardwood Floor Installation November 10, 2016

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What to Expect During Your Hardwood Floor Installation, Wonewoc, Wisconsin

If you’ve decided to go ahead and buy that new hardwood floor, congratulations! But what should you expect from the installation process? Here to answer this question is Knutson Hardwood Floors, Wonewoc, WI’s leading flooring contractors. Providing elegant and affordable products and winning service, the family-owned flooring firm will upgrade your living experience as well as your home value and keep you informed every step of the way.

Here’s what you can expect during your hardwood floor installation:

  • Preparation: Before your floor installation even begins, expect to remove all furnishings from the area, including everything on the wall such as paintings, curtains, and draperies. If you can’t remove everything from the walls, cover them up so they’re protected from dust.
  • Acclimatization: Certain wood species benefit from being acclimatized beforehand. If your flooring contractors recommend this for your new floor, that means the materials will need to rest inside your home for about one week prior to installation. Acclimatization reduces how much the floorboards will shift in place after they are installed.
  • floor installationSanding: If your floor installation project includes sanding, it’s going to get a little noisy and dusty. This is a very temporary state, however, and quality flooring contractors will conduct a thorough cleaning post-installation to leave your home in beautiful condition.
  • Minor Color Variation: Part of the charm of an authentic hardwood floor is the natural variation between floorboards. You should also expect its color to change as your hardwood floor ages, especially when exposed to direct sunlight.

Ultimately, you should expect a pleasant experience and outstanding results from your floor installation. If you need professional installation, repair, or floor finishing services near Wonewoc, WI, Knutson Hardwood Floors would be glad to help. For a free estimate, call (608) 553-0215 or visit them online for details.