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Auto Heating & Air Conditioning Gurus: Top Reasons for Broken Car Heaters November 8, 2016

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Auto Heating & Air Conditioning Gurus: Top Reasons for Broken Car Heaters, Brunswick, Ohio

If the heating and air conditioning don’t work after your car is warmed up, no matter how high you crank them, It’s an obvious sign you need to get some car maintenance work done. However, a broken heating system can be caused by a variety of issues.

The car repair experts at Superlube Complete Car Care in northern Ohio review common issues that cause a car’s heating system to break down.

  • Dead Blower Fan: This is the fan that shuttles warm air into the cabin of the car. If it breaks, the air might be warming up, but it will never reach your car’s interior.
  • heating and air conditioningLow Coolant: If your radiator antifreeze/coolant is leaking, or if it needs to be refilled, the heater won’t be able to deliver warm air. Worse yet, these issues often indicate that a larger problem is developing, such as a potential leakage into the car’s electrical system. Refilling the coolant might work temporarily, but the underlying problem will remain, so have your vehicle inspected by a car maintenance expert to resolve the issue.
  • Busted Thermostat: Your car’s thermostat keeps it at the right temperature, so if it breaks, the car can either overheat or not warm up enough for the heat to work.
  • Broken Heater Core: This piece is similar to a radiator, and it forms the main component of the heating system. The part costs a few hundred dollars to replace, making it one of the most expensive aspects of the car’s heating and air conditioning system.

For northern Ohio residents with automotive heating and air conditioning issues, Superlube Complete Car Care is the answer. Their convenient locations cover Cleveland, Avon, and Westlake, and each is staffed by trained and certified auto technicians. From oil changes to tire alignment, their full selection of services will help keep your car on the road. Call them at (440) 937-4322 or go online to view their current specials and save money on your car maintenance.

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