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Experienced Dentists Explain 3 Common Risk Factors for Developing Cavities November 8, 2016

Onalaska, La Crosse County
Experienced Dentists Explain 3 Common Risk Factors for Developing Cavities, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Trying to prevent cavities can be extremely frustrating. For some people, cavities and painful dentist's visits can seem inevitable, while others who don't necessarily take better care of their teeth never seem to have a problem. You might be tempted to chalk this up to genetics, but Dental Clinic of Onalaska’s dentists have some insight into why some people might be vulnerable to more cavities than others.

Some common risk factors for cavities include:

  • Previous Cavities: In general, the more cavities you've had, the more likely you are to develop them again in the future. Unfortunately, most cavities develop due to poor dental hygiene habits, which many people are never able to correct. Fortunately, making a conscious effort to brush and floss more often can eliminate your personal history as a risk factor.
  • dentistHigh-Sugar Diet: Your mouth is home to millions of bacteria, the majority of which are good tenants who never bother you. However, if your diet consists of too much sugar, the population expands quickly, which could cause them to start moving in where they don't belong. Cutting down on sugar is good for your health in general, but it’s especially smart if you're concerned about cavities.
  • Poor Dental Work: Poorly executed dental work often fits poorly, creating opportunities for bacteria to move in and start wreaking havoc on your teeth. If your old dental work is causing any discomfort or doesn't fit properly, visit a dentist to have it corrected immediately.

The Dental Clinic of Onalaska proudly provides an extensive array of high-quality services, from preventative maintenance to veneers and extractions. To learn more about what makes this accomplished office unique and see their full list of services, visit them online, or schedule your initial appointment with their dentists by calling (608) 783-3341 today.

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