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5 Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly November 8, 2016

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5 Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly, St. Peters, Missouri

Selling your home takes effort. While the process can be stressful, there are some things you can do to make the experience less overwhelming, according to Baile Properties in St. Peters, MO. This real estate investment company specializes in buying houses for cash, and with their years of experience closing property transactions quickly, they’ve come up with several tips for homeowners that will make their selling experience much less daunting.

5 Tips To Sell Your Home Quickly

1. List It For The Right Price

selling-your-home-MOBaile Properties’ number one secret for getting a quick sale on your home is listing it at the right price. Overpricing your home can deter buyers completely, and choosing an asking price well below market value will raise questions in house hunters’ minds. Determine what your home is worth based on its condition and other properties for sale in the area, and then reduce that price by about 15 percent.

2. Clean Out The Clutter

A cluttered home is off-putting for most buyers, so clean out your home of any extra belongings you don’t use every day. Don’t forget to clean out your closets, pantry, and cabinets, as home buyers are sure to open doors to see what kind of storage your house offers.

3. Let The Light In

If you’re holding an open house or having a showing, open the drapes and blinds to let as much natural light into your home as possible. A well-lit room appears larger and is also more inviting. If you have heavy or dark window curtains, it may also be a good idea to switch them out for sheer ones while you’re selling your home.

4. Make Minimal Home Improvements

To attract more buyers, it may be wise to make small improvements to your home. However, don’t overdo it with expensive upgrades that won’t get you a return on your investment. Simple and affordable upgrades include changing outdated light fixtures, replacing cabinet handles, and freshening up a room with a new coat of paint.

5. Put Your Pets Away

It’s always a good idea to remove your pets from your house during showings or an open house. If it’s not possible for you to take them with you, consider putting them in the garage. Additionally, pick up food and water dishes, toys, and cat litter boxes before buyers come to view your home. These items can be unsightly and put off a foul odor that can deter house hunters.

Interested in selling your home quick for cash? Call Baile Properties at (636) 614-6629 to learn how they can assist you. For more information on these property investors and how they buy houses, visit their website.

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