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Home Painting Tips: How to Choose the Best Color for Your Front Door January 14, 2017

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
Home Painting Tips: How to Choose the Best Color for Your Front Door, Los Angeles, California

The New Year is here and you can’t get a second chance at making a first impression, and everyone’s first impression of your home—friends, family, neighbors, even potential buyers—starts with the front door. Pacific Home Remodeling, Inc. specializes in roofing systems and home painting in Southern California, and their team will be happy to update your front door once you settle on the perfect color.

Read on for some tips to consider for doing just that:

  • Contrasting Colors: Painting your front door a dark shade can make it more inviting and welcoming when it contrasts with the color of your home. For example, a navy blue door will complement a gray or light blue home, and black always looks great against brick homes. If your house is white, any deep shade will stand out against it.
  • The Neighborhood: Some neighborhoods are more cohesive than others. If the houses in your neighborhood are fairly close together, you may not want to choose a front door color that clashes with the other structures around or it will look out of place.
  • Your Home’s Style: Different styles of homes look better with different colored front doors. For example, contemporary homes can easily pull off bold, bright doors, and more traditional-looking homes typically look great with a front door in a darker tone of green, red, or blue. If you’re feeling bold, going against tradition will help you make a statement; just make sure you follow the tips above, and remember that the general style of your home should have at least some influence on the color that you finally choose for the front door.

Home painting is an art, and the team at Pacific Home Remodeling, Inc. in Southern California knows how to produce masterpieces. Visit their website and call (800) 392-4448 to discuss your home painting needs today.