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7 Signs It’s Time to Have Your Plumber Inspect Your System November 11, 2016

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7 Signs It’s Time to Have Your Plumber Inspect Your System, Texarkana, Arkansas

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell whether the clank and rattle of old pipes is normal or a sign there’s a big problem with your plumbing. Service First Electrical and Plumbing, the best emergency plumbing service in both Texas to Arkansas, is here to help. They’ve put together a quick list of the top seven signs an issue with your pipes warrants a visit from the plumber.

7 Signs It’s Time To Call The Plumber

1. Your Water Pressure Is Low

water-heater-plumber-TexarkanaIf you turn on the faucet and the water comes out as a trickle, you likely have a major plumbing issue. Even if the water pressure isn’t severely low, if you’re not satisfied with the pressure levels, it’s worth getting your plumbing inspected.

2. The Drains Smell Bad

There are many causes of bad-smelling drains. Odors can sometimes be eliminated by pouring a clog prevention liquid down the drain, but they may indicate that there are issues with the sewer line. A professional plumber will find out exactly what’s causing the smell.

3. The Pipes Are Rattling

Your pipes should function quietly, with no noticeable sounds. The most common causes of rattling pipes are loose straps and air in the water system, but there are other factors that could create an annoying rattle.

4. The Faucets Are Making Odd Noises

As with your pipes, your faucets shouldn’t make any loud or unusual noises. Humming, banging, or clanking warrant a call to your plumbing company.

5. The Toilets Keep Getting Backed Up

It’s not uncommon for a toilet to get backed up every now and then, but if it happens constantly, this could mean big problems for your plumbing system.

6. The Drains Work Slowly

If it takes a while for water to empty through a drain, you probably have a clogged pipe. If drains in multiple areas are experiencing the same slowness, then the issue could be much larger than a simple clog.

7. Your Water Bill Has Skyrocketed

Water bills typically fluctuate from month to month, but if you notice that your payments are steadily increasing each month, there’s likely a water leak somewhere on your property. Call a plumber to find and fix the leak before it gets even worse.

If any of the signs above describe your home’s plumbing, consider giving Service First Electrical and Plumbing a call at (870) 775-1035. The emergency plumbing company can handle all your home’s electrical and plumbing issues, from leaky faucets to water heater woes. To learn more, visit their Facebook page today.

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