Frankford, New Jersey
1 State Highway 15
Augusta, NJ 07822

How Great Customer Service Makes All the Difference at Chatterbox Drive-In November 11, 2016

Frankford, Sussex
How Great Customer Service Makes All the Difference at Chatterbox Drive-In, Frankford, New Jersey

Driving through the Tri-State area? If you really want the full experience of an East Coast road trip, grab a meal at The Chatterbox Drive-In. Located in Augusta, NJ, near Highway 15, the renowned family restaurant has a loyal following in places like Lafayette, Newton, Branchville, and Sparta, and a lot of it has to do with their outstanding customer service.

It’s not just the savory American cuisine that makes this diner memorable, but the friendly vibe. Here’s what they offer:

  • dinerPersonalized Experience: With fifties and sixties flair, The Chatterbox Drive-In strives to emulate the good old days. It’s not just their vintage decorations and timeless music that set the mood, but their old-fashioned hospitality as well. Everyone is welcome at this famous family restaurant, where the owner himself checks in with every customer just to make sure everything is perfect! Their outstanding service does not go unnoticed and has resulted in accolades such as Travelocity’s Top 10 “Local Secrets, Big Finds” in New Jersey.

  • Fun Every Week: In addition to winning Best Burger three years in a row from the NJ Herald, The Chatterbox Drive-In is also proud of their fun themed events. Stop by during Bike Night, Corvette Night, or Cruise Night to enjoy your juicy burgers and decadent milkshakes in the atmosphere they were meant to be enjoyed in!

  • Inclusive Menu Options: The Chatterbox Drive-In is selective about the “good old days,” and one example of that is their inclusion of alternative burgers. This includes the original Garden Burger, Turkey Burger, and Santa Fe Veggie Burger—items that were probably unheard of in the fifties but are important to have on a modern family restaurant menu! It’s just one small reason customers have such a great experience at The Chatterbox Drive-In.

Ready to grab a bite at the best diner in New Jersey? Reach the restaurant directly at (973) 300-2300, or visit The Chatterbox Drive-In online to look at their menu and check out their weekly events.