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Celebrate National Physical Therapy Month With Foremost Medical Equipment October 31, 2016

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Celebrate National Physical Therapy Month With Foremost Medical Equipment, Henrietta, New York

October is National Physical Therapy Month, and as a leading international medical supplies provider, Foremost Medical Equipment is proud to support awareness of this innovative and life-changing approach. Foremost Medical Equipment is based in Rochester, New York, and offers more than 25 top-of-the-line brands of medical devices and supplies, many of which aid in physical therapy. They serve customers all over the U.S. and can also ship internationally.

Why Physical Therapy Awareness Matters 

The U.S. is currently experiencing a health crisis as a result of citizens’ increasing use of opioids to manage pain. Many opioids have addictive properties and dangerous side effects, so physical therapy is a safer way to manage, prevent, and alleviate pain.

Medical EquipmentWhat Physical Therapy Entails 

Patients who are new to the world of physical therapy can expect to do targeted movements overseen by a certified physical therapist. You may use special medical equipment to perform specific exercises during each session, which are used to target precise muscle groups and strengthen weaker areas. You may also receive a list of home exercises that you can perform between sessions to achieve the best possible results.

Who Can Benefit From Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is ideal for individuals suffering from chronic pain, such as arthritis patients. It may also be recommended as a post-operative treatment to redevelop muscles after certain types of surgery. Athletes can benefit from physical therapy, both as a means of injury prevention and recovery after strenuous events or training periods.

If you’re a doctor or patient who needs equipment to support your physical therapy sessions, visit Foremost Medical Equipment online to browse their extensive inventory. You can also call the medical supplier at (585) 586-4880 with any questions you may have.

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