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Worried About Winter Colds? Try These Tips From Nursing Service Pros November 11, 2016

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Worried About Winter Colds? Try These Tips From Nursing Service Pros, Manhattan, New York

No one knows more about maintaining good health in the face of illness than nursing service professionals. These experts are at the front lines when it comes to patient care, and it’s essential they stay healthy. If you’re concerned about maintaining your health when cold weather sets in this winter, turn to these tips from ACCESS Nursing Services to get you through the deep freeze cold-free.

Nursing Service Pros Offer 5 Cold Weather Health Tips

1. Get A Flu Vaccine

An annual vaccine can help ward off this nasty bug for the coming flu season. It’s especially important to get vaccinated if you are at a higher risk of flu-related complications, such as pregnant women or the elderly.

2. Wash Your Hands

Hand washing isn’t just for the bathroom. Whenever you come home from a public place, wash your hands with soap and hot water. If you’re in a place where you can’t wash your hands, hand sanitizer also does the trick.

3. Cough & Sneeze Correctly

nursing servicesKeep your germs to yourself and help those around you stay healthy, too. If you have to cough or sneeze with no tissue handy, do so into the crook of your elbow. This keeps your hands germ-free and prevents the bulk of bacteria-laden droplets from flying directly into the air.

4. Live A Healthy Life

A strong immune system is essential to warding off colds. Eat healthy, get sufficient exercise, and ensure you are sleeping enough.

5. Rest When Needed

If you do feel yourself getting a heavy head or scratchy throat, don’t just “power through” your usual daily routine. Try to take time to rest, giving your body the chance to fight off any illness before it becomes more serious.

With these tips from the pros at ACCESS Nursing Services, you can combat winter illnesses effectively. To find out more about their professional nursing, caregiver, and home health care services, visit their website. You can also call them at (914) 752-2090 with any questions you may have, and connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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