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Homeowners Insurance: 3 Hazards Covered by Your Policy November 8, 2016

Fort Mitchell, Covington
Homeowners Insurance: 3 Hazards Covered by Your Policy, Covington, Kentucky

If you've purchased a home, you've made an enormous investment in your financial future and the well-being of your loved ones. Unfortunately, a real estate investment also comes with risks that could wipe out your finances. In these instances, you'll be glad you have a homeowners insurance policy to protect your most valuable assets.

As the experts at CIG LLC in Fort Mitchell, KY, explain, the standard homeowners insurance policy provides protection against many threats, including:

  • Extreme Weather: If a storm tears off your roof, topples a tree on your house, or shatters windows, your homeowners insurance will pay for the repairs. Damage from hail and lightning strikes also is covered. However, insurance against flood damage usually requires a separate policy.
  • Malicious Acts: The standard homeowners insurance policy includes not only your house but some of the most valuable items inside it. If you lose possessions due to theft or vandalism, your insurer will pay to replace them up to certain limits. If you have especially rare or costly belongings, ask your agent whether you need additional insurance.
  • Fort-Mitchell-KY-homeowners-insuranceFire Damage: Fire can arise without warning to destroy your home and everything in it. It's important to check with your insurance agent to ensure you have enough coverage to replace your home entirely in the event of a fire, rather than only up to the fair market value.

When you need the help of experienced professionals to protect what's most important to you, turn to CIG LLC. To discuss homeowners insurance and make an appointment with a member of their knowledgeable team, call (859) 331-1305. Visit their website for more information about the products, including auto insurance and life insurance.

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