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Can Water Filters Reduce Your Water Heater Expenses? November 8, 2016

Lake St. Louis, St. Charles
Can Water Filters Reduce Your Water Heater Expenses?, Lake St. Louis, Missouri

With winter on the way, one thing is certain: an increase in your household heating bills is sure to follow. A majority of this expense comes from your family’s use of a water heater. Even during warm weather, an inefficient water heater can prove to be quite costly. However, as the water treatment team at Holmes Water Treatment Co in Wentzville, MO, explains, installing water filters can ultimately help you reduce the costs associated with your water heater.

While you may think water filters are simply meant to improve the cleanliness and taste of your drinking supply, this is far from the only thing they can do. Water filters are also designed to prevent the buildup of scale, as well the accumulation of rust, dirt, and other sediments that can damage your water heater, making it less efficient.

water filterBy inhibiting scale and other contaminants, water filters can significantly extend the life of your home’s water heater, which is something that can generate major savings for your family since this appliance is generally expensive to replace. Water filters fight back against the corrosive effects of rust and other sediments that cause water heaters to leak or otherwise break down.

Removing contaminants from your water system also ensures your water heater won’t need to work as hard to supply your family with clean, warm water. While this will also help extend the lifespan of this valuable appliance, many families find even greater enjoyment from the fact that the improved performance enabled by water filters helps lower their utility bills throughout the year. 

For high-quality water filters that will provide your family with a clean, efficient water supply, you can depend on Holmes Water Treatment Co. To learn more about the products and services they offer for your home’s water system, visit them online or call (636) 327-6404.

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