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What You Need to Know About Water Softening May 22, 2017

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What You Need to Know About Water Softening, Henrietta, New York

Because of the way hard water cleans and the affect it has on appliances, property owners often look toward water softening methods to solve their hard water problems. Residents of Rochester, NY seek help from Anderson Water Systems. Their water purification experts specialize in water softening, and they use their expertise to help property owners throughout the Finger Lakes region. Here they offer a quick guide to explain exactly what water softening is and why it’s important.

Soft vs Hard Water

If you’re looking at a glass a water, the words “soft” and “hard” are not what you’d use to describe it. These adjectives aren’t used to describe the water’s physical appearance but it’s mineral make-up. Water is labeled as “hard” when it contains considerable levels of certain minerals including calcium and magnesium. There are varying levels of hardness depending on the mineral concentration.

Water Softening

Installing a water softening system, or an ion exchange unit, is an effective way to reduce the mineral concentration of water. It works by using a physical and chemical process to filter the water and dissolve the minerals into positively charged ions. As the water flows through the system, the ions are exchanged for chemical properties from a type of resin found within the system. After this exchange, the water is considered to be soft.

The Benefits of Water Softening

While calcium and magnesium are actually essential daily nutrients, hard water leaves behind chalky-looking stains, gives the water a different flavor, and damages water-using appliances. It also affects the way soap lathers, and it dries out skin and hair. By installing a water softener, you avoid it all. This kind of technology has been used in homes for nearly 65 years, and it has been proven to be affordable, convenient, and effective.

If you think your home has hard water, the first step is to have it tested. Once it’s confirmed, talk to Anderson Water Systems about your options. Call (800) 836-2509 to schedule an appointment, or visit them on Facebook for more information about water filtration systems.

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