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When Brake Repairs Aren't Enough: How to Know if You Need New Brakes November 2, 2016

North Madison, Lake
When Brake Repairs Aren't Enough: How to Know if You Need New Brakes, North Madison, Ohio

It's not always easy to tell the difference between a problem that calls for brake repairs and one that requires completely new brakes. It's going to come down to the results of a professional inspection, but you can keep your eyes and ears alert for a few specific warning signs. Madison Muffler and Auto is Ohio's go-to auto repair shop, with over 50 years of experience with brake issues and more. They will take care of any brake repair problems before they turn into more expensive concerns, and their preventative maintenance will provide you with peace of mind while you're on the road.

No matter how amazing your technician may be, though, sometimes your brakes will be too far gone to fix. Here are a few signs it might be time for replacements: 

  • Excessive Grinding: If you hear grinding or growling noises that persist, that typically means your pads have worn down completely. If this continues and you don’t get brake repairs, you could end up scoring your rotors, which will inevitably lead to even greater replacement concerns.
  • brake repairsPulsating Pedals: Does your pedal vibrate every time you hit the brakes? An unevenly worn rotor is the likely culprit, leading to vibrations as the pads are pressed against higher and lower spots on the rotating disc. Rust and dirt buildup could also be a factor, but it might be time for replacements if the rotor is too deeply worn. 
  • Slow Response Time: This is where things start to get dangerous. Above all else, you need your brakes to be reliable, so you'll want to have them checked out as soon as the response time slows down noticeably. Brake linings eventually wear down, and if your foot needs to go lower and lower just to brake normally, you need new brakes.

You don't want to mess around with your brakes, so it's always worth taking your car in if you suspect something is amiss. At Madison Muffler and Auto, you can look forward to top-notch brake repair services, and that extends to the quality of the parts themselves. Head to their website for more information, and call them at (440) 428-2677 to make an appointment today.