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Top 4 Benefits of Choosing Organic Cotton Sleepwear October 26, 2016

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
Top 4 Benefits of Choosing Organic Cotton Sleepwear, Brooklyn, New York

When you select clothing and sleepwear for your children, you should always be aware of the production processes and materials that go into their creation. Aneta Kidz, a Brooklyn, NY-based producer of organic clothing and plus-sized pajamas for children, wants you to understand why organic cotton sleepwear is one of the best choices you can make for your kids. 

Below, they’ve listed the top benefits of choosing this type of clothing.

Top 4 Benefits Of Organic Cotton Sleepwear

Unrivaled Comfort

organic-cotton-sleepwear-Brooklyn-NYBecause organic cotton is soft and gentle on even the most sensitive skin, parents are choosing it for their children's clothes, sleepwear, and even baby diapers. Its insulating properties make it ideal for keeping kids warm in cold weather, but because cotton is naturally breathable and absorbent, organic cotton sleepwear keeps your children's skin dry—and therefore more comfortable—even in warm weather.


The production of organic cotton utilizes no dangerous pesticides, chemicals, or heavy metals, all of which can enter the groundwater and contaminate the soil for miles around. In addition, the use of these chemicals can cause irreparable harm to wildlife and plant species that come in contact with them, not to mention farmers in developing countries who utilize pesticides to manage insect blight.

No Allergic Reactions

The chemical poisons used in traditional cotton farming are very abrasive and can lead to skin irritations, respiratory problems, and terrible allergic reactions, even in adults. Many children develop bad rashes, sores, hives, and other painful or uncomfortable ailments due to the metals and chemicals present in traditional cotton. Because organic cotton is harvested without any of these irritants, sleepwear and clothing made from this material are hypoallergenic. 

Long-Lasting Style

Because organic cotton fibers do not suffer the same processes—bleaching, dyeing, scouring, and other chemical treatments—as traditional cotton does, the material is far more durable. 

Aneta Kidz, Brooklyn, NY's leading producer of plus-sized pajamas and organic clothing for children, is dedicated to creating stylish, attractive, and comfortable sleepwear for plus-sized children and young teens. To learn more about their products, visit their Facebook page or their Amazon shop, or call (646) 799-4420 to speak to a friendly representative about your organic clothing needs.

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