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Hiring a Professional Event Photographer Offers 3 Significant Benefits November 2, 2016

Long Island City, Queens
Hiring a Professional Event Photographer Offers 3 Significant Benefits, Queens, New York

From concerts and galas to forums, every event deserves a professional touch. Event photographers offer more than proof for posterity’s sake. Based out of Long Island City, NY, Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography has worked a myriad of events, many of which can be seen in publications like The New York Times, The Village Voice, and nytheatre.com.

When you hire a professional event photographer, you'll be getting more than just memories. The photographs will radiate incomparable tone, consistency, and professionalism:


An experienced event photographer can showcase your event the way you intend. By acknowledging the lighting conditions and using the right gear, they'll ensure photos of concerts and promotional parties convey their original ambiance and levity, while conferences and summits appear as bright and tidy as the mornings they began.


Event PhotographerIf left to staff members and guests, pictures of your event will lack a sense of cohesion. Everybody has a different photographic style; even if the subject matter stays the same, one shot could look wildly different from the next. Hiring an event photographer not only expresses a well-defined tone, but it also communicates a consistent perspective.


No matter how technologically advanced consumer cameras and smartphones may be, they’re no substitute for a professional with the right equipment and expertise. Professional event photographers can handle any lighting changes, movement issues, and other unexpected on-site matters. Any remaining issues can be dealt with using professional editing software.

If you have an upcoming event in Queens and need a photographer, contact Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography today, either online or by calling (917) 692-5737. This professional photographer’s versatility extends well beyond events; whether it's a wedding or a set of headshots you need, he's the one who will capture it perfectly.

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