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5 Signs You Need Immediate Brake Repair November 1, 2016

St. Charles, St. Charles
5 Signs You Need Immediate Brake Repair, St. Charles, Missouri

One of the most important parts of caring for a vehicle is knowing when brake repair or replacement is needed. Failing to repair faulty brakes can easily result in disaster, so it’s imperative to schedule regular inspections with a talented car maintenance team as soon as possible. From brake repairs to oil changes, Frecks & Sons’ Automotive offers 170 years of combined industry experience to the Saint Peters, MO, area. Here, their vehicle experts share the warning signs of brake failure to help keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

When brake pads eventually wear down, you can identify their condition through these symptoms:

  • Excessive Noise: Listen for loud squealing noises when you press on your brakes. Excessively noisy brakes indicate the pads have worn down so much the metal sensor is making contact with the metal rotor. The screeching, scraping sound may even be noticeable when your vehicle is moving forward.
  • Pulling: Does your vehicle seem to turn to the left or right as you drive or brake? Pulling is usually the sign of a stuck caliper. It causes friction on one wheel only, causing your vehicle to pull to the affected side. Uneven brake pads and a collapsed brake hose may also contribute to the pulling.
  • brake repairBrake Response Problems: Determine how long it takes your vehicle to stop. If the response seems slower than normal, schedule brake repair immediately. Brake response issues severely compromise the safety of your vehicle, particularly in extreme braking situations when the heat and force used to stop your vehicle spikes.
  • Vibrating Pedal: Does your brake pedal vibrate, even when braking at a normal rate? A vibrating pedal often points to warped rotors, though thin brake pads may also cause pulsating sensations. Uneven rotor surfaces can “thrum” against your brake pads, resulting in vibrations whenever you hit the brakes.
  • Weak Pedal: Drive on a safe road free from other vehicles to test the “mushiness” of your brake pedal. Does it nearly touch the floor before your vehicle stops? This could indicate worn pads, a brake fluid leak, or a problem with the hydraulic system.

Maintain the safety of your vehicle by working with the experienced team at Frecks & Sons’ Automotive. Their outstanding brake repair services will have you back on the road as quickly as possible. Schedule brake repair, engine repair or an oil change by contacting Frecks & Sons’ Automotive today. To reach them, call (636) 928-5326, or send this respected local auto shop a message through their website.

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