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Are You Eligible for Workers' Compensation in Kentucky? October 31, 2016

Flatwoods, Flatwoods-Russell
Are You Eligible for Workers' Compensation in Kentucky?, Flatwoods-Russell, Kentucky

If you’ve been injured at work, you may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits to help you recover. The rules for eligibility may vary somewhat from state to state, however. Below, the experienced workman’s comp attorneys at Hensley Law Office in Flatwoods explain some of the rules for filing for workers’ compensation in Kentucky.

Were You Injured In Your Workplace?

The first question to ask is whether you were injured in your workplace. While this seems fairly straightforward, you may still be eligible even if you were away from the actual physical location of your job when the injury occurred as long as you were performing your duties. One example would be if you suffered an injury while driving to make a delivery. Additionally, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation if you developed an illness that can be directly traced to conditions in your place of employment.

Did You Incur Costs As A Result?

Workers' compensationWorkers’ compensation benefits in Kentucky will cover your medical costs and pay you for any wages you lost while you were recovering. To be eligible, you must have missed work for at least seven days.

If your injury resulted in a long-term impairment of your ability to work at the same capacity you did before, you may be eligible for more benefits. If you suffered a long-term disability as a result of your work, the level of your benefits will be determined by a variety of factors, including the extent of your impairment and your earning power prior to the incident.

If you are employed as an independent contractor or a domestic worker, your injury may not qualify for workers’ compensation under Kentucky law. State law also allows employees to opt out of the workers’ compensation system using a special form, which must be kept on file with the Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims. Even in these cases, however, a skilled workman’s comp attorney may be able to help you secure benefits, though it might require pursuing the case as a personal injury claim.

Whether or not you fully meet these guidelines, if you’ve been injured at work in or near Flatwoods, contact Hensley Law Office. An experienced workman’s comp attorney can guide you toward the best possible resolution to your injury, whether that means filing a personal injury claim or navigating the workers’ compensation system. Visit the Hensley Law Office website or call (606) 836-3117 today to schedule a consultation.

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