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How to Choose the Right Storage Unit Size November 3, 2016

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How to Choose the Right Storage Unit Size, Anchorage, Alaska

Renting a storage unit is one of the best methods for reducing clutter in your life while holding onto possessions you’ll need in the future. But space isn’t free, so to get the best results from your storage unit, it pays to carefully determine exactly how much room you need.

Here are a few tips on finding the right storage unit size for your extra possessions:

How To Find The Proper Storage Unit Size

Consider Large Items First

If your self-storage needs include larger items like furniture or appliances, figure out the minimum dimensions of the unit you require. At the very least, measure the largest item you have to make sure everything will fit.

Think About How Your Things Will Stack

storage unitIf you’re mostly working with standard-sized boxes filled with smaller items, stacking efficiently reduces your storage space needs. Many items, though, don’t stack well or lend themselves to reorientation, and some heavy items should not be placed on top of others. Before reserving your storage unit, visualize — or even sketch out — how you expect your items to stack.

Determine Your Climate Needs

Certain items may need to be kept in climate-controlled or heated storage, especially during Alaska’s cold winters. Heated storage is more expensive than standard self-storage, so arranging your square footage or reducing the number of items you need to store will save you quite a bit of money.

International Self Storage has been one of Anchorage’s leading self-storage facilities for nearly 30 years, offering Alaskans a wide array of non-heated and heated options, as well as vehicle storage. Visit their website to find out more, or call (907) 563-3287 today to rent the perfect size storage unit!

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