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How to Pick the Best Beard Trimming Style for Your Face Shape November 21, 2016

North Alameda, Northeast Jefferson
How to Pick the Best Beard Trimming Style for Your Face Shape, Northeast Jefferson, Colorado

Beards are all the rage! A lot of men skip the clean-shaven look for something with a bit more edge—but having an attractive beard involves more than just growing it out. Fantastic Sams Cut & Color offers a few insider beard trimming tips to help you choose the best style to match your features.

Here’s how to pick the right beard trimming style for your face shape:

  • An Oval Face: You’re lucky! Almost all beard styles will work on an oval face, so browse through a hair salon catalog or research online what looks you like best.

  • Beard TrimmingA Square Face: Having a face that is as long as it is wide with sharply angled jaws looks best with a beard style that is short on the sides and adds length. An office beard, which is a full beard with clean edges along the neckline and cheeks, or a messy goatee are good options for you.

  • A Round Face: Your face is long as it is wide with soft angles, and your cheekbones are the widest point. A beard that is short on the sides and adds length also work best for round faces.

  • An Oblong Face: If you have this face shape, your objective should be to add width. Pick a beard style that is full on the sides, but trimmed short at the bottom. You don’t want to add any more length if your face has an oblong shape.

  • A Triangular Face: A beard that is short on the sides, longer at the bottom, and wide at the chin is your best bet. You should aim to have a full, oval beard look.

Now that you know the best beard trimming strategy for your face shape, you can head on over to Fantastic Sams Cut & Color to get your beard professionally groomed. They also offer men’s haircuts, hair color, and facial waxing. Visit their website or call (303) 422-4206 to book an appointment today!

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