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Make Hawaiian Birthday Celebrations Special at a Banquet Hall with Catering November 1, 2016

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Make Hawaiian Birthday Celebrations Special at a Banquet Hall with Catering, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii boasts a large population of Japanese Americans, and many celebrations and gatherings honor their culture and traditions. Natsunoya Tea House—a banquet hall with catering services in Honolulu—specializes in these events, hosting everything from first baby luaus to yakudoshi to kanreki. For whatever occasions you celebrate, this full-service catering company can handle it all.

Here are just some of the popular birthday celebrations in Hawaii that Natsunoya Tea House can accommodate:

  • First Baby Luau: A long tradition in The Aloha State, families celebrate their child’s first birthday with an event that’s as well-attended as a wedding. Kids enjoy face painting, candy, and balloons, and everyone feasts on an enormous meal of traditional local cuisine.
  • cateringYakudoshi: This celebration takes place on the 42nd birthday for men, and the 18th and 32nd birthdays for women. Made up of the words “yaku” and “doshi,” translating to “calamity year,” this event is celebrated as a way to ward off bad luck. 
  • Kanreki: Celebrated on the 60th birthday, this special occasion translates to “return calendar,” as Chinese Americans believe that this is the year when people return to the calendar sign of their birth. To symbolize their return to childhood, the person who has the birthday wears a red vest—a fashion accessory typically worn by children.

Looking for a place to host your birthday event? Natsunoya Tea House invites you to take part in their banquet facilities in Honolulu or hire their catering services to come to you on the day of the celebration. To learn more about their offers, call (808) 595-4488 or visit them online today.

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