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How Do Water Filters Work? November 1, 2016

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How Do Water Filters Work?, Henrietta, New York

At-home water filters have become incredibly popular. With so many brands and options, it’s hard to know which to choose, especially if you’re not sure how they work and what purpose they serve. To help you make the right purchase for your home, Rochester, NY’s Anderson Water Systems breaks down how water filters work:

How Water Filters Remove Impurities & Keep You Safe

water filtersDid you know water is surprisingly good at absorption? While this can be positive in certain situations, the last thing you want is drinking water to absorb dust, debris, and unwanted chemicals. Water filters use two different techniques to remove dirt and unwanted debris from drinking water.

The first process is physical filtration, also known as straining, to remove the larger impurities. This filter may be as simple as a textile membrane or thin gauze. The second process is chemical filtration. One of the most popular chemical filtration systems is activated carbon. By passing through the carbon (or charcoal, in some cases), impurities attach and leave the water cleaner once it has passed through.

Reverse osmosis is another popular water filtration system. By forcing water through a fine filter at a high pressure, any unwanted contaminants are left behind. While over-the-counter water filters tend to rely on the activated carbon approach, home-wide water purification systems often focus on the reverse osmosis system.

If you live in the Greater Rochester area and you’re looking for the right water filter for your home, call Anderson Water Systems at (800) 836-2509 to schedule your free in-home water analysis. For additional information, don’t hesitate to visit them online

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